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5 Ways to Have an Eco Wedding

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

In some ways, planning an eco wedding is no different from planning a non-eco wedding - you need to manage a budget, choose suppliers and create a memorable day. However, the main difference is making more conscious choices especially when it comes to choosing your wedding suppliers. There are many different ways to have an eco wedding but generally, they all follow the same rules; wasting less, choosing eco options, and more often than not having less ‘stuff’.

If you’re a die-hard eco-conscious couple or are looking at ways for your wedding day to have less impact on the planet we share with you our top 5 ways to have an eco wedding!

Props & Decor: Samphire Vintage Props Floral Styling: Moss and Bloom

#1 - Choose an Eco Friendly Venue

A great starting point is finding an eco-friendly venue that you love!

They are becoming more popular as more wedding venues start to reduce their waste and look at their ethical practices. If you find a venue you like and it’s not clear that they are an eco venue, ask them about their ethical practices!

A great example is Wellington Wood an outdoor tipi woodland wedding venue with beautiful ceremony spaces, acres of wildflower meadows and ancient woodlands. It’s made for free-spirited couples who want to create an eco-conscious wedding that has minimal impact on the planet!

Photograph Above: by English Rose Photography Venue: Wellington Wood

#2 - Choose Local Catering and/or Vegan Options

Finding the right catering options is key to creating an eco-friendly wedding. Choose local caterers that serve seasonal and local produce. All of these considered choices will reduce both travel and your carbon footprint. Don’t forget about vegan options too; consider all your catering from your cake to your evening reception food. If you’re local to East Anglia The Iced Vegan and The Teapod are great options. Weddings are also known to waste lots of food so being careful with how much food you have and portion sizes is also important.

The Iced Vegan creates stunning bespoke vegan cakes which are unique for every client. Based on the edge of the Thetford Forest in Norfolk, this gorgeous business is ideally situated to cover the East of England.

Images show a beautiful vegan wedding cake by The Iced Vegan The Iced Vegan and other delicious local food and drink options with Cocktails by: Edmunds Cocktails

and Macarons by : Macarons & More

Photographs by Vicky Plum Photography

Bespoke Signage by Clare Warren Calligraphy

Photograph above by Neil Senior Photography Venue Wellington Wood

The The Teapod specialises in delicious organic teas, milkshakes, vegetarian sweet or savoury crêpes​ and waffles, all made-to-order and kind to the planet.

Options include vegan, dairy free and gluten free choices tailored to the needs of your guests. This beautiful trailer will fit into your wedding setting. Packages are available for weddings, festivals, fairs, fetes, intimate gatherings, parties and other events.

#3 - Consider Your Flower Choices

When it comes to your flowers there are multiple options. Chat with your florist about using local seasonal flowers. Alternatively, if you want to reuse and re-purpose your flowers then dried or faux flowers are a great option. Not forgetting if you’re a creative couple you could grow your own too!

Above Photograph by : Vicky Plum Photography Fresh Seasonal Flowers by: Daphne and Doreen

Above Photograph by: Julie Clarke Photography Dried Flower Crown : Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Photograph Above by: Vicky Plum Photography Dried florals by: Boon and Bramble

Photograph Above by: Julie Clarke Photography Faux Floral Bouquet : Moss and Bloom

#4 - Hire Your Props and Decor

Hire don’t buy when it comes to your props and décor! At Samphire Vintage we have created an impressive stock package which means that you can create your wedding vision without the guilt of having all the leftovers and waste after your big day. Our props range from vintage and preloved to repurposed and hand-crafted. For Example our bespoke triple triangle backdrop (as images below) is made from reclaimed wood and has been handcrafted for us by a talented local business. It is versatile and can be moved after a ceremony to use as decor elsewhere in a venue, such as behind your sweetheart table or top dining table or used in a photo booth later in the day, to maximise use.

We can also work with you to decide what needs to go where, and what can be moved around your venue spaces, and we can include any other special items you may wish to include too!

#5 - Be Conscious of Your Wedding Attire

Choose a preloved dress and give it a new lease of life; Aime Moi Encore is a wonderful place to find one!

Photographs Above by: Julie Clarke Photography Preloved Bridal Wear by Aime Moi Encore

Alternatively, if want to buy new then finding sustainable bridalwear and accessories will keep your wedding eco-friendly. Use local bespoke suppliers with handmade products that use eco fabrics and have minimal waste policies Tatty’s Original and Petal and Metal (featured below) are great examples of this. These two amazing businesses have a harmonious relationship where they often share off-cut materials to create some of their products.

Tatty’s Original (photos above) creates beautiful bespoke bridal gowns, in your chosen design, fabrics and colour. Bespoke made to ensure your dress is a perfect fit for your body shape.

Images courtesy of English Rose Photography Grooms Suit Dancers Suit Hire

Petal and Metal (Featured in Image Above) makes beautiful bohemian, artisan, bridal adornments and headpieces form reclaimed fabrics and materials . Photograph by Vicky Plum Photography

Having an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean you have to forgo the things you envisaged for your big day! You just have to find the right eco-friendly suppliers that can deliver your day, your way!

If you loved these ways to have an eco wedding and would like to chat with us more about the products that we have available to hire (there’s a lot!) get in touch!

Samphire Vintage Props x


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